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Scalable display wall, November 2000. 

The scalable display wall was updated to 24 projectors in October 2000.  Its resolution is 6000 by 3000 pixels.  This picture shows a still image from scanned photo.


Behind the screen,  November 2000

The picture shows that the rack of 24 Compaq MP1800 projectors that drive the display wall. Behind the projectors is a cluster of 24 PCs networked with Myrinet and 100Mb Ethernet.


Scalable display wall, April 1998 

The scalable display wall prototype was constructed and first turned on in March 1998.  It uses two pieces of 18' by 4' rear projection screens, called BlackScreenTM (BlackScreen is a trademark of Jenmar Visual Systems) made by Jenmar Visual Systems. Its resolution is 4096 by 1532 per frame.  This picture shows a still image from scanned photo.


Behind the screen,  April 1998

The picture shows that the display wall computing power is a network of 8 4-way Pentium-Pro SMPs with E&S graphics accelerators.  They drive 8 Proxima 9200 LCD Polysilicon projectors.  Stef and Yuqun built the rack and the table using Home Depot equipment.


COS 495 class, fall 1998

In the fall of 1998, Academy award winning director and producer Ben Shedd joined the project as a visiting scholar.  He taught a course called Visual & Audio Design for Large Scale Computer Displays using the display wall.  Students in this class developed several interesting class projects about how to use giant displays.  The picture is the class photo taken in front of the display wall.  This is a scanned in image from a photograph.

NASA Space Shuttle on the display wall, March 1999

The image was downloaded from a NASA site.  Several of us are looking at the space shuttle in front of the wall.  This picture was taken by a digital camera.

Visualization, March 1999

Allison and Adam are looking at isosurfaces of some astrophysics data.


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A new display wall being installed at the Frist Campus Center

DisplayWall visual design class

Frames from 1998 video

Applications on 24 projector display wall

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